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Is This Motorola’s Moto E? – Image Leaks Through Motorola Facebook

Is This Motorola’s Moto E? – Image Leaks Through Motorola Facebook

Motorola is planning an event on the 13th of this month to unveil a new smartphone “priced for all”. The name of that phone is all but confirmed to the be the Moto E. While the Moto G shocked us all by bringing amazing performance into a sub-$200 budget, the Moto E is set to undercut that even further.

Now we have a first glimpse at what might be that upcoming phone. Posted on Motorola Mexico’s Facebook page (since removed), was this image of the Moto G sitting next to an unknown device. That device is expected to be the Moto G. It looks to have a smaller screen than the Moto G. It’s probably safe to assume that we will probably see something between a 4.0″ inch screen and a 4.3″ inch screen. The device also appears to be running Android 4.4 KitKat which is great to see on what is expected to be a budget device.

The device lacks anything what we would call amazing, but for the budget we are expecting the device to hit, that’s perfectly fine. The device also lacks a front facing camera which further makes us believe that the device is meant to hit a budget. We don’t have long to wait to find out more about the Moto E however as Motorola will (likely) unveil it on May 13th.

Source: Android Police

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