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Kickstarter Alert: Amplitude

Kickstarter Alert: Amplitude

Most of the time, people may think of Kickstarter as being used to crowdfund smaller projects by smaller developers. Even so, there have been other projects by more well-known developers that have made their way to Kickstarter, like Double Fine, WayForward, and Comcept. Now, Harmonix has decided to take the crowdfunding approach with Amplitude.

Amplitude was the second music game Harmonix ever made, originally released back in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 and had become a bit of a cult classic. Now, a little over 10 years later, this project is looking to bring Amplitude to the PlayStation 3 and 4, serving as more of an Amplitude HD than an Amplitude 2.

Many of the original people who worked on Amplititude still work for Harmonix, so not only does the project have the right people behind it, those same people now have a decade of experience in making music games. That passion is just what a game like this needs to succeed.

This isn’t like your average HD remake, either. Instead of just adding higher resolution and textures to the original, Harmonix wants to update it substantially. New designs for the Beat Blaster ships, new music, and enhanced gameplay are all being brought to the table for Kickstarter.

As for why Harmonix has decided to go the Kickstarter route, The team explained the position of the company as a whole. Harmonix has been an independent developer since the release of Dance Central. Since the team had worked on the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series of games, Harmonix retains some of the staff size as an independent developer.

The size combined with the current projects in the pipeline, Fantasia: Music Evolved and Chroma, means that passion projects like Amplitude have to be put on the back burner until funding comes in. Kickstarter allows for this project to come to fruition, delivering something special for returning fans and newcomers alike.

The project’s initial goal is $775,000 dollars, which seems like quite a bit when compared to other projects on the site. Either way, the project is trending well, with around $160,000 after starting Monday afternoon. Hopefully, the momentum can keep going, though, because the campaign is only open for 18 days as opposed to the average 30. According to Harmonix, this is due to the timing of the people involved to start as soon as possible. As of now, there are no planned stretch goals, as Harmonix will likely rather just focus on their current development plan. If you’re interested, give the page a look and check out the pitch video.

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