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New Windows Concept Shows Off A Beautiful Minimalist Environment

New Windows Concept Shows Off A Beautiful Minimalist Environment

It’s always fun to imagine what’s next, so let’s look at the future of Windows. The platform has changed throughly throughout the years, and in Windows 8 it saw the biggest change yet, and it didn’t go over too well. Many long-time Windows users did not like the new UI of the OS and since it’s released, many of the problems in the OS were fixed by Microsoft through updates. But what’s next?

This concept comes from DeviantART user kgbstyle. Please keep in mind this is just a concept and not a leak or rumor for any upcoming Windows OS.

This concept shows off a very minimalistic feel with great color accents and simply a great looking interface. Program windows have a white theme with color accents seen throughout the entire desktop. Looking down towards the dock, we see programs such as PhotoShop, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Skype and more all with a consistent color theme. Active programs are shown in red, while inactive programs are shown in white. Of course I’d have to assume that the color accent is customizable to the users liking, if this ever does come through Microsoft. 

Looking over to the far right, you’ll notice the time, date, and notifications area. This is, at least in my opinion, much better than anything we’ve seen in the past on Windows.

Overall I think that this concept looks great and very functional. It brings some of my favorite elements from Windows 7, 8, and even Chrome OS into one place. Would you use it? Let’s hope Microsoft likes it just as much.

Source: KGBStyle DeviantART

Via: Isaiah PEz Google+

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