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No Doubt Of A Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Coming Our Way

No Doubt Of A Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Coming Our Way

Normally, each time Samsung decides to launch a new flagship, we see a mini edition in it’s footsteps not too far behind. Well we expect to see the same thing with the Galaxy S5 very soon. We have been watching closely and have noticed a couple of little things.

Besides the fact that this is a normal thing for Samsung, we have also been hearing things like new released model numbers. The Galaxy S5’s model number is GSM-900 and the leaked mini model number is GSM-800. Makes a bit of sense, doesn’t it? Another little side note is that the suspected Neo is supposed to be GSM-750. Thought you might like to know that.

Where we found these model numbers, we also find the reported screen-size for the Galaxy S5 Mini. The reported screen-size is supposed to be about 4.5″.

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