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LG G3 Poses In Front Of The Camera In The Wild

LG G3 Poses In Front Of The Camera In The Wild

LG is getting ready to announced the LG G3, and leaks are coming in fast. We’ve seen the back of the phone in multiple shots and even a close up at the buttons, but we haven’t seen one in the wild. But in two new shots, we can a look at both the front and back of the device.

The pictures don’t tell us everything, but they do reveal, and help confirm, some things. First off we get another look at the rear buttons. We also see that the speaker has indeed moved from it’s current position. Rather than being on the bottom, the single speaker is placed on the rear of the device. One thing we see that we haven’t seen clearly yet, is the device’s front panel. With the G2, we saw razor-thin side bezels, but now the top and bottom seem to be joining the party. Obviously they aren’t quite as small, but they appear to be slightly smaller than last year’s G2. This may help to accommodate for the 5.5 inch display and may help keep the phone at a manageable size.

Via: Droid Life

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