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Dummy Molds Of The iPhone 6 Surface

Dummy Molds Of The iPhone 6 Surface

Recently we caught sight of new information that isn’t exactly legit. These images are not official in anyway whatsoever, but they might give us some idea of the upcoming iPhone. The images shown below can be found at

Sketchy, huh? We thought so too. Although they may not be official, they do seem to play off of the existing rumors floating about right now. With the thickness we have mentioned before being very similar to the iPod Touch 5th gen and the screen size looking very close to 4.7″, this is seeming very real.

Notice how the buttons are not the same shape as the current iPhone, but very similar to the iPod. They are oval-like and not round like we were used to. Now we aren’t saying that these are the exact mockups because they could very well be the result of the rumors going around. This could also be the reference for case makers to use in their new designs.

So we need you guys again to tell us your thoughts on this design. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Could there once more be improvements? 

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