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Xbox Originals Launching This Summer

Xbox Originals Launching This Summer

Back when the Xbox One was originally unveiled, Microsoft’s main focus was to be an all-in-one entertainment system. In addition to the integrated TV and social features for the system, the company also announced that they would be bringing original programming to the Xbox. After a few little details and hints at what exactly is coming popped up over the past few months, Microsoft released an article on Xbox Wire detailing the plans for Xbox Originals.

In this update are details for current committed projects as well as projects in development. Some of the current projects are the Halo live-action series with executive producer Steven Spielberg, the gaming documentary series Signal to Noise, and the sci-fi series Humans based off of the Swedish series Real Humans.

Some of the projects in development are Extraordinary Believers, created by the same studio that brought you Robot Chicken, Deadlands, based on the pen-and-paper game about the Weird West, and Gun Machine, a detective thriller based on the New York Times bestseller by Warren Ellis.

Say what you will about the idea of bringing television content to Xbox, but some of these projects look very interesting. It’ll be cool to see what comes of these projects when Xbox Originals launches in June 2014.

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