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Nintendo Shares Its Plans For E3 2014

Nintendo Shares Its Plans For E3 2014

Last E3 marked the first year that Nintendo did not have an E3 conference like Sony and Microsoft, opting instead for a Nintendo-Direct-style E3 video to accompany their demos on the show floor. Alongside this, gamers that couldn’t attend E3 were able to get their hands on upcoming Wii U game through their local Best Buy store.

This year, it looks like Nintendo is opting out of hosting a conference again, and is instead making plans for more E3 coverage content like last year. 4 E3 2014 events were teased in a promotional YouTube video on Nintendo’s channel featuring the Mega64 crew.

The first is the Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament, which is the first tournament ever sponsored by Nintendo and will be hosted by Reggie Fils-Amie at the Nokia Theater in LA. The tournament will feature 16 participants and will broadcast online as well.

The second is the Super Smash Bros. Smash-Fest at Best Buy. Like the E3 2013 Wii U demos available last year, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will available to play at your local Best Buy. More details are coming soon.

The third is the Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3. Here, daily livestreams will provide an in-depth look at some of Nintendo’s hottest games. There will also be talks with game experts and developers, along with game demos, all broadcasted from the show floor.

The fourth is the Nintendo Digital Event, which will be similar to the Nintendo E3 Direct last year. The Nintendo Digital Event will feature new game and announcements and will be broadcast on June 10th at 9AM PST (12PM EST).

Nintendo appears to be putting in more of an effort for an alternative to the E3 conference. While the E3 presence announcements are unsurprising, it’s nice to see Nintendo make an attempt to contribute to the Smash Bros. tournament scene as well. Now, we’ll just have to wait 6 more weeks to see what Nintendo has queued up, as well as to see Sony and Microsoft’s plans moving forward.

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