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New Light Shed On Thickness Of The iPhone 6?

New Light Shed On Thickness Of The iPhone 6?

Recently people have been wondering what the iPhone 6 will bring. Questions come up like “how big?” or “how fast?” and honestly, we really don’t know the true answers to those just yet. Fortunately, some light has been shed on the matter of how thick the iPhone 6 might be. Thanks to a video by Unbox Therapy, it’s easier for us to imagine what the iPhone 6 may look like.

Using a case claimed to be the right size for the iPhone 6, he shows us a comparison between the iPod Touch 5th gen and the iPhone 6 case. Surprisingly, the height of the case matches almost exactly to the iPod. In fact, the iPod measures in as 6.1 mm thick, while the rumored iPhone is supposed to be 6.0 mm thick.

With physical change comes performance change as well. With a thinner body, the question is begged of “how long will the battery last and what are it’s performance limits?” Of course, and once again, we don’t know. But we do know that Apple is having a hard time fixing these issues. 

For more info check out this video by Unbox Therapy. It gives a clearer and simple understanding of what’s going on. Enjoy:

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