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Two New LG Tablets Come Through FCC – Probably The New G Pads

Two New LG Tablets Come Through FCC – Probably The New G Pads

LG released their G Pad 8.3 last year to a lot of praise. The device brought great build quality that rivaled even the iPad Mini and a beautiful screen. It was also the first tablet to be sold in a Google Play Edition. Now we are also getting rumors of the next G Pad.

The original G Pad was released in November of 2013, so it does seem a little early to already be seeing rumors of this device unless LG is aiming to put it up for sale earlier. The original G Pad came with a model number of V500, and these new tablets have model numbers of V400 and V700. 

As you can see above, the V400 looks extremely similar to the current G Pad 8.3. It’s unknown if the V400 is a direct follow-up to the G Pad 8.3, but it seems likely as the current G Pad 8.3 is being discounted for extremely low prices in many countries.

The V700 on the other hand, is probably a larger 10-inch form factor. This is expected due to the landscape orientation seen in the FCC images. 

What are your thoughts on these devices? Will they have your tablet buying buck this year?


Via: PhoneArena

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