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Xiaomi Announces Mi Box Pro, Mi WiFi – A 4K Android Streaming Box And A Smart Router

Xiaomi Announces Mi Box Pro, Mi WiFi – A 4K Android Streaming Box And A Smart Router

Xiaomi is a giant company even though many, especially in the US, don’t realize it. Their products are very impressive and today they’ve introduced a couple new ones.

The first product is called Mi WiFi. This product is simply put a WiFi router. But what makes it special is that it does a little more than give your internet. The device is capable of 802.11 ac wireless internet with 2×2 dual-frequency beam forming. It also doubles as a media server with a full TB of space. It’s also the perfect center of your smart home. The router can control lights, appliances, TVs, cameras and more.

Some other interesting features it has are listed here.

  • Remote control iOS or Android app
  • User programmable smart rules for controlling devices in the home
  • OpenWRT OS – Weekly updates
  • Auto connection via NFC
  • 2x accelerated browsing speeds
  • Remote downloads (pre-loaded Xunlei app)

This all comes at the low price tag of just over $110 in the US. The device is available to pre-order in China today for ¥699 and will come to other markets soon.

Mi WiFi

Another interesting product is the Mi WiFi Mini. This is a smaller, portable WiFi router that doesn’t sacrifice performance. The device has 802.11ac support with a 2×2 dual-frequency beamforming antenna array, a MediaTek MT7620A chipset and 128MB DDR3 RAM. It also comes with a USB port for external hard drives. This one is available in 6 colors and goes into beta later this week. Upon launch it will cost ¥129 in China which translate to around $20 in the States. Let me repeat that. $20.

Mi WiFi Mini

The last product Xiaomi announced today was the Mi Box Pro. This device looks at the Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV and laughs. This set-top box is powered by a quad-core chipset clocked at 2GHz along with 2GB of RAM. It has 802.11ac WiFi, USB 2.0 and OTG support along with expandable storage up to 64GB via microSD.

What really sets this box apart from the rest is it’s price. For ¥399 in China, ($63 USD), this undercuts everything except the Chromecast.

You can learn more about the Mi Box Pro at this link on Xiaomi’s website.

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