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Hangouts APK Teardown Reveals Coming Google Voice Integration And SMS/MMS Backup

Hangouts APK Teardown Reveals Coming Google Voice Integration And SMS/MMS Backup

Yesterday we saw Google’s Hangouts app updated on Android. It was by no means a small update and brought some great new features such as SMS and Hangouts message integration. Now when a user has a conversation going both over SMS and Hangouts, they can see the both conversations in the same thread. This has been something we’ve wanted since SMS was integrated into the app. Over at Android Police, this update meant one thing, it was time for a deeper look.

During one of their famous “APK Teardowns” they found a few strings of code that reveal some of Google’s future plans for the service.

The first major change they saw was that Google Voice is going to soon be integrated into Hangouts. This is something many users have wanted for a long time. It would also combine every Google messaging service into a single application. It’s unclear exactly how Google will integrate the services, but we know it’s possible. the code reveals that users will have the option to “migrate” data from Voice into Hangouts but we don’t know exactly what the means yet.

Alongside that, the code also reveals the possibility of a new few feature being added in called Smart Reply. This feature would be part of Voice integration and would allow the app to automatically decide which service to send a reply in based on where a conversation is taking place. 

Another upcoming feature revealed in the code is SMS and MMS backup. This feature isn’t very detailed yet but would basically allow the Hangouts app to place SMS/MMS messages into a file which could later be loaded in Hangouts essentially creating a backup.

These upcoming features haven’t been announced by Google so we don’t know exactly when they will hit users. Are you excited for any of them? You can check out the source code for these new developments at the source link below.

Source: Android Police

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