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Netflix To Increase Pricing

Netflix To Increase Pricing

Recently, Netflix has decided to release their Q1 earnings for public eyes. 

But they also released some interesting news along with it. They say that they want to increase the fee for streaming up by $1 or $2 dollars for new customers. For those who have been loyal up until now, you will have what they call a “generous amount of time” before any price changes occur.

As expected, we saw limited impact from our January price increase for new members in Ireland (from €6.99 to €7.99), which included grandfathering all existing members at €6.99 for two years. In the U.S. we have greatly improved our content selection since we introduced our streaming plan in 2010 at $7.99 per month. Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on the country, later this quarter for new members only. Existing members would stay at current pricing (e.g. $7.99 in the U.S.) for a generous time period . These changes will enable us to acquire more content and deliver an even better streaming experience.

They say that the reasoning behind this is that they have more content in their libraries than ever. This might be a justified cause. In order to keep earnings at an acceptable amount, they have to increase pricing values. If anything, the price goes up by $12-$24 per month.

So what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section. We actually do look at that.

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