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LG G Watch – What We Know So Far

LG G Watch – What We Know So Far

It’s not a secret that LG is making an Android Wear device. Within a couple hours of the platform’s announcement, LG immediatly announced the G Watch. Details at launch were scarce but now the company is releasing more and more information. So let’s get it all together.


The LG G Watch is designed around a square screen. That gives it a slightly less conventional design from the standard wristwatch. Fortunately though, it’s not too different from the smartwatches we’ve seen over the past year or so. The watch is available in two colors, Stealth Black and Champagne Gold. Unlike some other gold smartwatches, this one actually looks pretty nice. Both options have black bezels around the entire screen and black or white straps respectively. LG states the design as “minimal and sleek with a timeless design”.

The watch will also feature a water and dust resistant design. Nothing specific is available but an IP67 rating is expected. Keep in mind that this is not water proof like the Pebble smartwatch so I wouldn’t recommend taking this watch while you do some laps in the pool anytime soon.

The watch also includes an interesting “always on” display. LG hasn’t elaborated on what technology the display will use to accomplish this without having terrible battery life. It’s possible that the watch will use an OLED screen to accomplish that similar to some Nokia Lumia devices and the Moto X “Active Display”. Charging comes from the pin at the bottom with should make it easy to charge. Unfortunately that means that wireless charging probably won’t make an appearance.


Of course this watch has Google’s all new Android Wear which is developed with wearables in mind. LG has claimed since the start that the watch would present a low barrier for entry into the Android Wear space while bringing the best the platform has to offer. Android Wear provides an intuitive wearable experience with a developer friendly ecosystem. The platform uses Google Now heavily and is deeply integrated with Google services such as Maps and Hangouts.

Pricing And Availability

LG hasn’t given specific info on release dates, but they have narrowed it down to the end of Q2. We nearing the middle of Q2 so the watch is expected to be released in June, most likely very close to Google I/O. By way of pricing, LG has yet to release any definitive price. They have however given a price range stating that the watch would be available in the U.K. for under £180 which translate to about $300 when directly converted to USD. While it’s possible that LG could sell the watch for that price here in the States, it’s likely that the price in the US will be around $250.


Along with all that new information, LG has provided several images of the G Watch which you can check out below.


What are your thoughts on the G Watch? Are you planning to get it or the Moto 360? Let us know in the comments.



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