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iPhone 6 Pro Concept Shows Off A Premium iPhone With Less Bezels Than We Thought Was Possible

iPhone 6 Pro Concept Shows Off A Premium iPhone With Less Bezels Than We Thought Was Possible

Dreaming of the future never gets old, and with smartphones, the possibilities are endless. This year many people are looking forward to what Apple has in store for the next iPhone as it should be a huge upgrade. While we doubt that the company would be as ambitious as going with this concept, we can still dream right?

Thanks to Sahanan Yogarasa on YouTube, we have a nice look at what we wish we could see in the next update to Apple’s premiere smartphone line. 

This concept is in no way meant to be fact or leaks. This is only a concept made by a fan.

After watching that video above, you probably need something to clean up the drool because this render is drop dead beautiful. The phone features a bezeless display with an all new design along with some new software designs and hardware features. 

In the camera department this concept shows us a 3MP front facing HD camera which is a great improvement over the current 1.8MP. On the back we see the welcome addition of a 16MP camera that allows for recording in UHD (4K). Apple has been using the same 8MP resolution in the iPhone since the iPhone 4S so a bump is definitely due.

Looking at the design of the phone we see a brand new design that is suprisingly different from what we’ve seen in the past but still retains the iconic look of the iPhone. Touch ID makes another appearance along with the addition of a rear facing, and side facing speakers which should provide for better stereo sound over the current setup. Along the bottom edge is an LED notification light similar to what is seen on many Android devices. Up on the top right edge is a heart rate monitor with the power button directly underneath. At only 7.2mm deep, this phone should be very light in the hand. No size on the screen was specified, but it’s safe to assume that this is a 5.5″ inch screen with no bezel at all. While that’s unlikely, we wouldn’t complain if it did happen. 

An interesting addition you probably noticed was a stylus. Similar to what we have seen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, a stylus could be a fun new tool for a larger iPhone. This is actually a fairly likely addition to the next iPhone as we’ve seen already seen patents from Apple for the iPen.

Along with this render came a look at a concept of a game controller from Apple with a few tricks up it’s sleeve. As you are probably aware, iOS 7 finally brought support for game controllers and third-party manufacturers like Logitech and Moga have taken full advantage. Apple however hasn’t gotten into that game. With this concept we see what a game controller from the company might look like, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect. The controller houses the phone in a dock along with standard gaming control buttons. What’s differnt though is the two embedded projectors which allow users to project their favorite game up on the wall or turn their iPhone into a mobile workstation with the addition of a larger screen interface on the wall and a keyboard on the table.

What do you think of these two renders? Would Apple ever venture as far as making these products? Would you buy them if they did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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