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RUMOR: Ubisoft Is Working On A New 2D Prince of Persia Game

RUMOR: Ubisoft Is Working On A New 2D Prince of Persia Game

The Prince of Persia series has had an interesting transition into last generation. The games released did alright, but neither had the standout success that the Sands of Time trilogy did. As such, work on the series has been halted, and Ubisoft reassured fans that the license is still important. Things have been relatively quiet, but a recent rumor may have shed some light on what Ubisoft is planning for the next Prince of Persia.

According to a report posted by French website Le Portail du Jeu Video*, the next Prince of Persia will return to a 2D platformer design and will make use of the UbiArt Frameworks engine. While this seems to be a fitting for a 2D Ubisoft game, the engine doesn’t appear to be the only thing that may be borrowed from the recent Rayman titles.

The site claims that its sources detailed the animation technique that this Prince of Persia will be using. As with Rayman, the Prince’s body will be “divided into several parts (torso, pelvis, leg, shin, foot, forearm, hands, etc..) that can be animated independently of each other.” As for the actual modeling of the Prince, the site mentions that he will likely have 3D modeling, with each part having smooth transitions between movements.

As with all rumors, take these details with a grain of salt, but this has quite a bit of potential to be legitimate. The UbiArt engine has been shown to work with other titles like Child of Light and a French website may have a better chance to get a leak from the France-based Ubisoft. Either way, if this turns out to be legitimate, the game needs more details for how the design will work. Picturing the Prince having floating limbs like Rayman feels weird.

*Note – source translated from French by Google Translate

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