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iOS 8 Screenshot – iWatch Soon To Come?

iOS 8 Screenshot – iWatch Soon To Come?
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We recently found this screenshot from an unknown source. Take a look below:

Now we do not know if this is a real screenshot of iOS 8, or if it’s some rendering. There are two interesting points to this article. The first is the layout of iOS 8 and what’s been added. You can notice Carplay and Healthbook sitting right there. Along with some other new things and minor details like the redesign of the Safari browser. Honestly, iOS doesn’t look much better than iOS 7 and still has that “simple” feeling they were going for.

Now this is the part we wanted to get to: the iWatch. Notice on the bottom, conveniently in the middle, there is an app called Watch Utility. What does it mean?

We don’t exactly know. All we know is that it could possibly be the add-on for the iWatch. Possibly transferring apps to the iWatch and transmitting data. This app is also a real-time app. Which means the app display changes with the time and most likely the iWatch.

If there is an iWatch soon to come, it will most likely be announced with the iPhone 6, along with iOS 8. We will keep our eyes and ears out. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in that handy thing down below we call a comments section. Please use it!

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