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[Update] How The OnePlus One Died Before My Eyes – Leaked Screenshots And Invite System Spell “No”

[Update] How The OnePlus One Died Before My Eyes – Leaked Screenshots And Invite System Spell “No”

So we’ve all seen the excitement behind the OnePlus One and it’s incredible specs and #NeverSettle campaign and it got many of us extremely excited. I’ve been on that bandwagon for a while, but after some recent announcements and leaks, I’ve lost all hope for this phone.

If you aren’t familiar with the OnePlus One, it’s an upcoming Android smartphone that intends to be the best one in the market. The company has teamed up with popular ROM developers at Cyanogen to let the device run CyanogenMod out of the box. Up until this past week, the company has made all the right moves in hyping up their phone doing everything from revealing the specifications, comparing it to other flagship devices, and much more. Their latest announcement however, completely reversed everything they’ve done so far.

You would think a device with flagship specifications and a low-price tag would be hard to ruin, but by introducing an all new invite system, the company is losing my respect quickly. They state that their reason for introducing this system is to reduce risk for themselves by knowing exactly how many units they need to manufacture. That sounds great, but it’s going to ruin one thing, buying the phone. As stated in their post, you can’t simply visit a website and order the phone. You’ll need to be invited. OnePlus is sending out invites to buy the phone to their most loyal forum users, contests, and through friends of those with invites. We’ve seen this happen before and it doesn’t always work too well. Once you have purchased a OnePlus One, you will be able to invite your friends to do the same. At launch these invites will be limited, but as time goes on they will become more readily available. Now this may be a good idea from the companies perspective, but from the consumers, this is a complete waste of time.

Why only allow a select number of people buy the phone rather than let people pre-order it, sort through them and send them the phone in batches. There’s no need to do it this way other than one reason, hype. The company wants to build up more hype surrounding the product and this is actually a good way to do it. If we remember apps like Aviate, which required invites to use, they became extremely popular because everyone wanted to be in on what was exclusive and the app became extremely popular, for about a month. While I don’t expect quite the same fate for the OnePlus One, I do believe that this latest move is going to change the opinions of many who were excited about the device as it does myself.

Now this invite system isn’t the only thing that’s made me change my mind about the OnePlus One. It’s also the leaked screenshot of what it supposedly it’s homescreen. The screenshot reveals that this isn’t the look we had hoped for with the device. We have known for a while that this phone wouldn’t be running pure CyanogenMod but instead a tweaked version of it, but from what I can tell with this screenshot they have created a very different version. Icons have been masked the status bar symbols have been changed tremendously. While I can’t judge there “skin” completely from this single screenshot, it does tell me that they’ve gone further than I wanted them to go.

What do you think about the latest developments with the OnePlus One? Are you as excited as you were when you first heard of the device? Let us know in the comments.


Now that the device has been revealed I’ve changed my mind. These leaked screenshots were thankfully false and the actual phone and software has completely changed my mind. The device is better than I thought it would have been. Read up on the full release here.

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