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New Images Of OnePlus One Leaked? – Back Shown Off – Motherboard

New Images Of OnePlus One Leaked?  – Back Shown Off – Motherboard

With less than a couple weeks to go before the official reveal of the OnePlus One, leaks are finally coming out that may be revealing part of the design. A new image leaked out of China shows off what could be the design of the back of the highly anticipated smartphone.

The image, which appears to be nothing more than a printed render, reveals that the design of this phone will be reminiscent of the OPPO Find 5. The model shown off is red and appears to be heavily branded. Now if you thought Verizon’s branding was bad, you’ll want to take a second look at this picture. Hopefully though that is not something that stays on the phone forever. The branding includes a small OnePlus logo at the bottom and a very large “Never Settle” logo on the mid portion of the phone. 

Along with that leak came a look at the motherboard inside the device. It does appear to be quite large and interestingly enough the OnePlus logo is actually etched into the metal. 

What do you think of these leaks? Could they be real? We will know for certain on April 23rd when the OnePlus One is officially revealed to the public.

Via: Reddit

Source: GizChina

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