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Interesting Photo Of Yet Another iPhone 6 Part

Interesting Photo Of Yet Another iPhone 6 Part

As time goes on, we end up seeing a lot of phone leaks and rumored concepts for the iPhone 6. But this one is really sketchy and suspicious, at least more than usual. Check out this picture.

It comes from a Chinese forum claiming that it’s an iPhone 6 front face. The picture was supposedly taken inside of an iPhone factory. The interesting thing is that the face actually fits the 4.7″ description we have been hearing a lot about. 

While the device is extremely similar to the iPhone 5s, some photos of iPhone 6 molds leaked out and actually show how much bigger the molds are compared to the iPhone 5s.

While nothing is final, things are getting closer to being for sure. Another photo we have is of some iPhone 6 batteries in their cases.

Just thought you guys might like that. 

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