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Could Case Makers Already Know The Design For The iPhone 6?

Could Case Makers Already Know The Design For The iPhone 6?

Often times what will happen is that case makers will get their hands on the design of a phone before it’s even out yet. This is the case with the case of the iPhone 6…

Don’t worry if that confused you, because the next part will really blow your mind:

Look at the following pictures. Notice anything odd or weird in any way? They look like very normal cases right? Of course they are made for phones that aren’t released yet, but that’s besides the point. Take a closer look now at the bottom picture.

Confused even more yet? Yes it DOES look like there are two power button slots, doesn’t it? Obviously you have the mute button and the volume buttons on one side and then your power button. There are two things off with this:

  1. The power button is not on the right side of the top (looking from the front of the phone).
  2. There are two power button slots.

We really aren’t sure what this means. This could also be a 3D mockup from some recent schematics, but it’s worth noting. Keep up with us because we have more info on this hopefully soon.

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