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Amazon Smartphone Rumors Become More Realistic

Amazon Smartphone Rumors Become More Realistic

We could always use a new kind of technology in our smartphones, right? That’s exactly what Amazon is supposedly going for with their rumored Amazon Smartphone. This smartphone could bring 3D Parallax Effects to your smartphone without a specialized screen. Well it’s starting to become reality because lately reports say that Amazon has been showing off the hardware to developers.

Before we thought that the phone would come out during this summer. This report was back in March. This means that it could be produced in three to six months after that report. But new reports are telling us that Amazon might be wanting to really kick things up a notch and get it out by the end of June.

A major issue with this is that the ones who gave this report also claim a factor of unknowns when it comes to this information. We think Amazon might not even be done with designs and other properties of the device. While it could be huge for Amazon, it could also screw them up if they claim something too early.

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