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New Leaks – LG G3’s Supposedly New UI

New Leaks – LG G3’s Supposedly New UI

With all the new leaks coming left and right from multiple concepts, it’s not a surprise to see that LG has let this one out of it’s grasp. This is the apparent LG G3 UI and with a stunning look. Even though it doesn’t follow that common 3D popup look, that isn’t a bad thing!

This screenshot looks like it’s showing off the simple aspect of LG’s Android design. The widgets follow in on a nice flat look with some vibrant and sophisticated colors. The phone is rumored to have a 5.5-inch screen (compared to the G2’s 5.2-inch screen) and 16MP camera. Hopefully the new phone will follow in the foot steps of the G2 and carry over OIS and that incredible image quality.

This looks like it will be worth waiting. Kit Kat is complemented by this device and we can’t wait to see more and get our hands on it when it comes out. Make sure you tell us your comments about the UI leave some questions for us!


Via: Android Headlines

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