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OnePlus Details The Experience They Are Planning For Buying The OnePlus One

OnePlus Details The Experience They Are Planning For Buying The OnePlus One

OnePlus continues to tease the launch of their first device, the OnePlus One, for later this month, and today they are revealing some of their plans for the shopping experience customers will see when they buy the device. 

The company mentions in their post that they are still new and bound to make mistakes. They state that they are looking to make the shopping experience for the OnePlus One as user friendly as possible by focusing on three specific areas, localization, logistics, and customer service.

In the localization area, the company is aiming to make everything easy for both those of us in the US and those worldwide. Their e-commerce site will be available in your native language and currency. They are even planning to include local carriers under the compatibility area.

For international shipping, the company is planning to cut down on shipping complications by placing a warehouse on each continent that the phone is sold with your package coming from the warehouse closest to you. For European customers, OnePlus is providing a sigh of relief by taking care of customs and VAT fees and taxes when selling the phone in the Eurupeon Union. The process still won’t be perfect for all countries, but OnePlus says that this move will cover 99.9% of issues for EU customers.

For customer service, OnePlus is taking a great approach. Users will be able to obtain help through an official knowledge base, official forums, and a customer service team. Common questions will be in the knowledge base while the forums and customer service team will be able to handle slightly more complex questions. The forums will be a great place to get help from other users and the OnePlus team, while the dedicated customer service team will bring help. 

Another interesting note is that their warehouses will double as service locations. The company says that depending on region and circumstance they will be able to pick up the device from you or have it sent to their warehouse by you. They also say that if the problem is their fault, they will pay for the costs. 

It’s pretty interesting what OnePlus is planning for selling their device. We are all waiting in anticipation of the OnePlus One as we have learned a lot about it. Are you excited?

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