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App Review – Vintape

App Review – Vintape

The Vintape app is a great iOS app for just sitting back and relaxing with the intent of listening to tunes in a fun new perspective. What is Vintape? Vintape is an app that lets you create playlists and listen to them as if you were listening to a mixtape.

When you open the app, you see the Vintape logo and developer logos as well. After that disappears it brings you through a simple, efficient tutorial that tells you everything you need to know about the app. Vintape is almost entirely gesture-based in it’s entirety, giving you full control of your mixtapes.


  • Swipe up for playlist songs

  • Swipe down to create a whole new mixtape

  • Swipe right to see settings and visit the shop

  • Swipe left to see your existing tapes

  • Tap to see your play controls

  • Even spin your finger around the reel to rewind or fast forward

Some neat features about the app include toggling the “Hiss” feature. The “Hiss” feature is basically the noise you would hear if you were actually listening to a tape. Something else worth mentioning is that the in-app shop includes new skins for you tapes to style things up.

Definitely check out this app in the app store here if you want. Also make sure you send some love to the developers for making this great app!

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