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PSA: Google Play Refunds Error Allows Users To Refund Apps Without Uninstalling

PSA: Google Play Refunds Error Allows Users To Refund Apps Without Uninstalling

This is a little startling. Google Play is having some problems with it’s refund system that allows a user to refund any paid app even if it’s well outside of the 15-min refund window. While users are normally able to request a refund from the developer, currently Google is issuing refunds automatically without requiring the user to uninstall the app or deleting it from their purchases.

Normally this process allows users to submit a reason for why they want a refund and then sends that request to the developer who then decides if they want to allow the refund. If the developer accepts then the user is issued a refund and then the app is automatically uninstalled. However currently the process is allowing users to request a refund and automatically issuing refunds without uninstalling the app.

This bug doesn’t seem to work flawlessly for everyone but when it does work users report receiving refunds into their Google Wallet balances within a matter of minutes. We personally attempted this one time and it only worked that once. Upon a second attempt the process was not successful.

If you are a developer please take note of this and help us bring this to Google’s attention. Hopefully they can fix this one quick.


Please do keep in mind that many developers develop these apps completely to support themselves. Do not try to take advantage of this bug for your own personal benefit.



The wonderful team at Android Police has been working for the past several weeks to uncover more information on this problem. I would like to commend them for this as they have been able to dig up not only information about what is going on, but also how it affects developers. Please take the time to read through their report on this.


Thanks David!

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