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Evleaks Tells Us Two New Details About The Next Moto X – Leather Backs Coming?

Evleaks Tells Us Two New Details About The Next Moto X – Leather Backs Coming?

The Moto X is one of the most highly praised phones of 2013, and we are all wondering what Motorola has in store for it’s successor. We wonder if it will have a bigger screen, a faster processor, and what features it might bring to the phone, especially now that the company is owned by Lenovo. Our friendly neighborhood leaker Evleaks is now giving us a couple things we are to expect from the upcoming phone.

First we have a name. The Moto X +1. What that will mean we don’t exactly know. It could be any number of things but to me it just confirms even further that the term “One” is just extremely over used in the smartphone industry. Another thing Evleaks told us in that same post is that the device was “coming soon” which is surprising since the original Moto X wasn’t released until late last summer.

Evleaks outdid themselves with their next post revealing that the next Moto X would bring leather to smartphones. While we’ve seen companies like Samsung bring a leather look to their phones and tablets, we can expect to see that this next Moto X will bring genuine leather as an option in MotoMaker. 

What do you think of the next Moto X? Does anything we’ve heard so far interest you? Let us know in the comments!


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