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New Leaked Images Show Off The Rumored ASUS Chromebook – ASUS C200

New Leaked Images Show Off The Rumored ASUS Chromebook – ASUS C200

The Chromebook market is expanding extremely fast and sales are only expect to grow over the next few years. We’ve seen Chromebooks from respected PC manufacturer’s such as Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, HP and more, but ASUS has yet to jump on that bandwagon. ASUS is not unexperienced in Chrome OS as they have released their ASUS Chromebox not long ago and it has done well since it has a very low cost. Rumors have been flying around stating that they would jump into the Chromebook market this year and now it seems that they are with this model.

The leaked photo shown above give us a good look at the device and it is definitely looking like a great option to potential buyers. The device is called the ASUS C200 and appears to be another 11.6″ inch model. ASUS also appears to putting heavy emphasis on a few different hardware features to make this device different from the rest. Right on the sticker we see branding showing off speakers leading us to believe it has a good set of speakers on board. Another notable sight is the larger trackpad. It is definitely much more spacious than the current Chromebooks on the market such as the Samsung Chromebook 2 and Acer C720. Another thing we’ve noticed is the extremely large webcam on the top which leads us to believe that this device will be “Hangouts Certified” like Samsung’s Chromebook 2. We are also glad to see that this device is powered by an Intel processor rather than one that is ARM based. 

What do you think of this device? What do you want to see ASUS do with it?


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