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Might And Delight Announces Shelter 2

Might And Delight Announces Shelter 2
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It’s no surprise to see interesting ideas come from indie developers, where creativity has to make up for lack of raw manpower and golden polygons. Might and Delight is one such studio. Their previous game, Shelter, has you play as a mother badger raising and protecting her cubs while traversing the beautiful and dangerous forest around you, all in a lovely art style reminiscent of children’ books.

On the developers’ website, Might and Delight has revealed that they are working on a sequel. The game, appropriately named Shelter 2, changes the role of motherhood to the lynx protecting her cubs. Since the animal sits in the middle of the food chain more so than badgers, playing as a lynx will help to show more of the rawness of nature than the first game.

Shelter 2 will also focus around a main hub, represented by the lynx den, with open territories to explore. The sequel will also enhance the gameplay features of the original, adding features like stamina, different movement types, jumps, and a variety of prey to kill. The player will also have more maternal abilities, like calling the cubs closer, making sure they drink from rivers, and lifting or carrying your cubs out of harm’s way.

Shelter will be heading to Steam, Good Old Games, and other digital PC platforms this fall. If you’re interested in giving the original Shelter a try, Steam is currently offering the game 75% off at $2.49. Act quickly, though, because the discount will end April 7th.

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