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Custom Gmail Themes Are Here

Custom Gmail Themes Are Here

To go along with the April fools joke Google played with us with the many catch and find Pokemon, they decided to initiate something else. They called it “Shelfies”. What were shelfies? Well it’s a custom selfie theme for Gmail that you can share. It simply combines the word selfie and share, giving you: shelfie.

While it was just a little joke on Google’s part, they got a huge response out of it! People love the idea of changing your theme to your Gmail account. So what do they decide to do? Well they do what any smart company that listens to their customers would do, they continue the feature!

Now you can make custom themes out of anything you want! Flowers, sunsets, aliens coming to earth destroying everything, etc. This is great for people who want to express their personality in one of the most used features of Google. What’s cool is that Google will host a thing called Theme Tuesday where you can share your custom themes with them so they can showcase them on their website!

So if you have already heard the news and already have your very own custom theme up, you can share it by going into Gmail and under settings then themes. There you can share it via Google+, Gmail (for certain people), or a copy/paste link for whatever your purpose.

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