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Origin Starts “On The House” Program

Origin Starts “On The House” Program

The popularity of Sony’s PS+ and Microsoft’s Games for Gold programs are infectious, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t love free games? The only disadvantage of these programs are the fact that you have to pay for the service. In the case of PS+, you even lose access to the games if your subscription isn’t renewed.

Now, EA is putting its foot in the ring with Origin’s On The House program. Through the client, Origin is offering users access to full games, expansions, and more at no cost. The best part is On The House has no paywall. All you need is an Origin account and the Origin client to be eligible. The only stipulation is that the specials can appear and disappear at any time, so you will need to keep track of current offerings. The On The House program debuts with a free download of Dead Space for PC, which is available until May 8th.

It’s clear that EA wants people to use Origin for playing as well as buying games, and are attempting to get more people on board. As a direct competitor to Valve’s Steam service, though, it can be a struggle. In some cases, exclusives are one of the only reasons that some may get an Origin account in the first place. In the end, competition’s always good, and this program may be just what Origin needs.

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