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Upcoming PlayStation 4 Patch Will Enable Game Capture

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Patch Will Enable Game Capture

After the announcement that the PS4 would only have HDMI support, an issue appeared concerning the use of external game capture devices. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a feature used in HDMI ports to prevent copying of digital audio or video as it travels across the connection. Therefore, any device hooked up to capture said footage would be unable to do so with HDCP enabled.

The PlayStation 3 has this issue, but it is bypassed by the use of its alternate A/V ports.  While the Xbox One has the ability to disable HDCP when running a game to allow gameplay capture, Sony has stated that the feature will be coming to the PS4 after launch. Now, it looks like this will be heading our way soon.

Last week, Scott McCarthy (Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, Home Consoles, SCEA) posted an update on the official PlayStation Blog that detailed some key updates that will be coming to the PS4’s video capture features.  

First, the update will add a video editor, allowing for customizable video clips. These clips, along with screenshots can be exported to a USB drive. Second, the update will include the promised HDCP off option to enable external game capture via HDMI. The last feature detailed will not arrive in the same update, but McCarthy writes that Sony has been working with Twitch and UStream for the future. Soon, the PS4 will allow for broadcasts to be archived, as well as support for 720P streaming resolution.

This is nothing but great news for fans of the livestreaming and sharing capabilities of the PS4. This feature set will not only allow for a better user experience, but it will also appeal to those turned off by those limitations. Sony will be providing details on these updates and more in the near future.

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