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HTC One M8 On Verizon Wireless Will Support Google Wallet Tap To Pay

HTC One M8 On Verizon Wireless Will Support Google Wallet Tap To Pay

Google Wallet has had a tough time due to carriers restricting it, but it seems that with the HTC One M8, it will be fully supported including its tap to pay feature. This has been something that on most Verizon devices, has been blocked. Devices such as the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and even older phones such as the Galaxy Nexus would not support the tap to pay feature. 

Verizon today confirmed however that the HTC M8 as well as any other Verizon device with KitKat would allow Tap to Pay functionality. This is great news since we know that on other carriers such as AT&T, devices with KitKat such as the LG G2 still have the functionality blocked. Let’s hope Verizon hangs on to this promise with all their other Android phones in the future.

Yes, tap payments for both Isis Mobile Wallet and Google Wallet are supported on any smartphone with NFC capability and Android KitKat, including the HTC One (M8). We don’t have any information about KitKat updates for other devices yet, but will share it as soon as we know!

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