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Facebook Acquires Oculus For $2 Billion

Facebook Acquires Oculus For $2 Billion

Today Oculus announced that they have joined with Facebook. They believe that their ideas are in line with Facebook’s ideas to create “the best virtual reality gaming platform in the world”.

As we talked more, we discovered the two teams shared an even deeper vision of creating a new platform for interaction that allows billions of people to connect in a way never before possible.

The teams realize that they need each other to complete the huge tasks in their way. Facebook, being a communication company, can bring a lot to Oculus with their gaming concepts. But this isn’t only about gaming. They say that they think they can bring virtual reality to communication and connecting people in the world.

Over the next 10 years, virtual reality will become ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative, and it begins with a truly next-generation gaming experience.

These teams are some of the brightest in communications technology. It’s not hard to think that within a few years, virtual reality will be as huge as the XBOX or the PlayStation. We hope that these teams can bring us something equally special and surprise us. But to acquire Oculus, Facebook had to pay a price. $2 billion, in fact. Sources say that about $400 million in will be paid and the rest in stocks, totaling at $1.6 billion.

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