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What Might iOS 8 Actually Bring To The Table?

What Might iOS 8 Actually Bring To The Table?
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Tons of sources are talking mainly about how the only thing Apple might be doing to change iOS in the upcoming update is adding a new app called HealthBook. While this app might be very useful and prove to amaze us, there are some new ideas about what Apple could tweak for us to better enjoy our Apple device.

Let’s start with notifications. Have you ever wondered what the “Missed” tab is for? So has everyone else. People have trouble distinguishing the “Missed” and “All” tabs from each other. Sources say that Apple has finally realized that and might actually get rid of the “Missed” tab all together or merge the two together.

Another interesting change that might take place is the Memo app. The change here would be an option to delete the voice memo automatically after a certain period of time, whether it be a year, month, or even a day. This could definitely free up storage space for people who use this app all the time. Those memos can build up quick causing your device to lag and drop in performance.

Game Center could also be in the cross-hairs of Apple. This app is almost never opened by itself as far as I know. While it may be helpful for gaming to catch up with your iOS loving friends, it could easily take up space being a whole app on it’s own. 

With the new CarPlay out as well, we should be seeing Apple developing CarPlay connectivity over WiFi and hardware Lightning cable connection. This would make it more of an experience when driving and even when just sitting in the passenger seat having the iOS CarPlay control remotely at your fingertips.

Hopefully Apple makes the iOS 8 experience smooth and simple to use. Let’s also hope that they don’t fail to surprise us with the update’s features.

Via: TechCrunch and 9to5Mac

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