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Could Android 4.4.3 Be On It’s Way To Address Nexus 5 Camera Bugs?

Could Android 4.4.3 Be On It’s Way To Address Nexus 5 Camera Bugs?

A new version of Android is almost always on it’s way, and it seems that the latest is coming up soon. It’s been awhile since the latest update, 4.4.2, was released, so we’ve all been eagerly waiting for the latest and greatest. Apparently Google is testing a new update to KitKat with the build number KTU72B. There isn’t any information yet on what this update will bring. We can expect it to address some of the bugs found in the OS including the camera bugs on the Nexus 5. That bug causes users to see that the CPU usage on the handset significantly increases when a camera application is open. This often leads to sub-par battery life. Google has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix in a later update.

It’s unknown exactly when this update will be released but we can expect to come sometime in April as we doubt that Google would wait until I/O to release what is expected to be a very minor update. Are you a Nexus 5 user? If so then you should be excited for this update.


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Source: Phone Arena

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