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Rumors Point To Another 8MP Camera In The iPhone 6 – Are Better Optics All We Need?

Rumors Point To Another 8MP Camera In The iPhone 6 – Are Better Optics All We Need?

With rumors of the next iPhone never stopping, we always have high hopes on what Apple will bring next. For the past few years, Apple hasn’t done too much to impress us, especially in the camera department. They have been using the same 8MP camera since the iPhone 4S even though the optics have improved each time the phone was updated. New rumors have pointed out that Apple’s next iPhone will retain that same megapixel count. 

Does that really matter though? Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Apple has kept the 8MP camera for a while and it works for them. The iPhone 5S still stands up to some of the other great cameras in the flagship phone market such as the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and even some Nokia Lumia phones. What the iPhone’s camera lacks however, is the detail that comes with more megapixel. If you compare a picture taken with an iPhone 5S and a picture taken with an LG G2, they may look very similar at a glance. If you choose to zoom in however, that is a different story. The G2’s photo has a higher resolution and thus remains sharp even when zoomed in while the iPhone’s won’t fair quite as well. While optics are very important, they don’t make up 100% for a higher megapixel camera.

What do you think? Would you want Apple to finally move away from the 8MP shooter or keep it and add features like OIS. In my opinion, for the price of an iPhone, we should be able to have both. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Via: Pocketnow

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