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Link Bubble Review – Not Your Average Android Browser

Link Bubble Review – Not Your Average Android Browser

Just a couple days ago, a new app finally reached the Play Store and caught the attention of a lot of people, myself included. The app is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and makes using the web on your smartphone or tablet more enjoyable, and more productive, than ever before.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t go directly to your favorite sites to get content but instead use social networks such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. These networks drive most traffic to websites and make it easier for people to find that content. With a traditional browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or even the built in Android browser, you waste a lot more time than you realize. Link Bubble helps you to save that time. But how?

When you click on a link in an app, a traditional browser needs to be opened, and then the page needs to be loaded. Link Bubble tries to solve that by loading the link in the background. When you click on a link, a bubble opens on the side of your screen. Behind the scenes, that bubble is loading the link you just clicked on. Once your page has loaded, the bubble makes the page full screen so you can read the page. The on it’s own is very useful but in my opinion, it’s not my favorite part of the app. My favorite part is the sharing features.

Once you have read a page, you might want to share it. Instead of opening a menu, you simply tap and hold the bubble and slide it to you favorite sharing option. By default the app has a quick shortcut to whatever is first in your sharing menu (in my case that’s Pocket) and the second option is your sharing menu. These are customizable for whatever you might want to use.

The settings on the app aren’t vast yet, but the ones included make sense. You have control of what sharing options are shown along with a few other options. One is when the bubble opens on it’s own and the default apps. You can also change the zoom level for the text in the browser as well as incognito mode and the option for clearing your history. 

In the app itself you can see how much time using the app saves you on average as well as the amount of time it’s saved you in total. As you can see in the GIF to the right, it’s saved me 1.2 minutes with an average of 5.8 seconds per link. These stats are not completely accurate since I’ve been using this app primarily on a different ROM.

Overall I think Link Bubble has won me over quickly becoming my favorite application. The app is free but it’s feature set is limited. Most notably, the free version is limited to only one page open at once and only one app set by default. The Pro version will run you $4.99 and unlocks everything the app has to offer.


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