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PlayStation 4 Gets A Price Hike In Canada

PlayStation 4 Gets A Price Hike In Canada

Canadian website Toronto Sun has reported that the price of the PlayStation 4, as well as PS4 games and accessories, will be going up over the weekend. The price of the PS4 console has risen by $50 to $449.99, the Dualshock 4 and PlayStation Camera by $5 to $64.99.

Two upcoming exclusive titles for the PS4, Infamous: Second Sun and MLB 14 The Show have been confirmed to be priced at $69.99, while other titles may follow suit. This new game price point isn’t too dramatic, as the cost of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games increased to $64.99 back in January.

Microsoft stands to be able to compete with Sony at this price point in Canada, as a spokesman has said that the company currently has no plans to for a similar price increase for the Xbox One. Even at the higher price, it may still be difficult to find a PS4 in stores. As of now, the console remains sold out at major Canadian retailers, while the Xbox One has been readily available.

Even though this is bad news for the consumer, the idea of a price bump in Canada isn’t new. Back in early 2007, some retailers increased the price of the PlayStation 3 to $699, citing a weak dollar as the reason it needed to be done. With the current exchange rate of Canadian dollars as 90 cents to the US dollar, having these price increases puts them on par with their cost in the United States. Hopefully, the original prices will return once Canada hits parity with US currency.

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