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Pebble Steel Receives $20 Price Cut – Priced At $229

Pebble Steel Receives $20 Price Cut – Priced At $229
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In light of recent events, Pebble has some ground to make up. They have been the most popular smartwatch brand for a while because of what their product did. Now however, the Pebble isn’t what is once was. In a move to get attention back on them, the company has given their latest smartwatch, the Pebble Steel, a price cut to only $229, a $20 savings. This is less than their regular $249, but it’s probably not enough to stop looking at the latest and greatest in Android Wear.

In order to make the $20 price cut, Pebble stopped including a metal band and leather band with each Pebble Steel and instead only ships it with the leather band. The steel band is still available, but you’ll have to pay the full $249 for it. 


Via: PhoneArena

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