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Link Bubble App Released – How Has No One Ever Thought Of This Before?

Link Bubble App Released – How Has No One Ever Thought Of This Before?

Today developer Chris Lacy, famous for his app, Action Launcher Pro, brought his latest creation to Google Play. Link Bubble is a browser that brings mobile browsing to an entirely new level. Link Bubble is different from any browser you have ever used and is perfect for the social network reader.

So what’s different about Link Bubble? When you use a traditional browser such as Chrome, links load right in front of you. If you’re on Google+ or Twitter and you click a link, Chrome opens, the page loads, and then you can read. Seems like a lot of wasted time. With Link Bubble, you don’t have to wait for the page to load to continue getting things done. When you click on a link, Link Bubble takes the page and starts loading it in the background allowing you to continue using your other application. When the page completes loading, it opens up full screen. The app even keeps track of the amount of time it saves you by doing that.

Another great feature is the sharing menu which allows you to quickly close, share, or add a link to Pocket. Personally I think this is my favorite feature since I’m constantly sharing articles to Pocket.

Link Bubble is a great app that we recommend you check out. The more I personally use it the more I wonder how no one ever thought of it before…

The app is free but the pro version will cost you $4.99. The free version allows you to open links from one app (Twitter, Google+, etc.) while the pro version allows all links to open in Link Bubble and even multiple links at once.

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