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Moto 360 Will Be Compatible With All Android Devices With Android 4.3 Or Higher

Moto 360 Will Be Compatible With All Android Devices With Android 4.3 Or Higher
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Today Jim Hicks joined a Hangout on Google+ to discuss their new release, the Moto 360. In case you are just hearing about the Moto 360, it’s a brand-new smartwatch developed by Motorola using Android Wear to give you all your needed information on your wrist right in front of you. This watch is like no others right now in a way that it doesn’t sacrifice functionality for design, in fact, the whole device focuses on a smart innovative way that looks elegant and amazing.

The hangout mainly let Jim Wicks, the lead designer of the Moto 360, talk about how they came together to create this new idea of a smartwatch. They wanted to focus on the circular aspect of a watch because it looks stylish and gives a classy, familiar feel since we have been associating time with a circular design. 

Now if you are anxious to know, the Moto 360 is WATER RESISTANT (Remember, that doesn’t mean waterproof. Yes there is a difference.). This has been on all of our minds lately and we actually touch up on this idea in our latest podcast: Episode 009. You can check it out here at

Another important thing that was discussed is how the Moto 360 is actually compatible with all Android devices so long as you have Android 4.3 or a later version. 

You can check out the full video below. Make sure to comment and let us know if you want us to answer any questions for future podcasts. Enjoy

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