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Apple Launches iPhone 5C 8GB Model (Region Limited) – Finally Kills The iPad 2

Apple Launches iPhone 5C 8GB Model (Region Limited) – Finally Kills The iPad 2
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In a fight against the lower cost Android and Windows Phone handsets, Apple has had to make some moves. Today they announced that an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5C would be available for about $499, the least expensive phone in Apple’s ecosystem. Apple has unfortunately confirmed that the device will not see a U.S. release and would only be available in the U.K., France, Germany, Australia, and China.

Apple also made a change to their iPad lineup by bringing back the iPad 4. The tablet was killed off at the release of the iPad Air and left it’s younger brother, the iPad 2, still on retail shelves. It seems that Apple has finally decided to discontinues the three year old tablet and replace it with the much better iPad 4. The iPad 4 brings a Retina Display, Lightning Connector, and newer chipset over the iPad 2. Luckily Apple will stick with the same pricing model selling the iPad 4 for $399 with 16GB of storage. This change explains some discounts seen at retail outlets this week on the iPad 2. We just feel bad for anyone who paid a full $399 for the device in the past couple of weeks.


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