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Samsung Launching A Snapdragon 800 Powered Flip Phone In China?

Samsung Launching A Snapdragon 800 Powered Flip Phone In China?

If you can still remember the days before smartphones, there was a time where the flip phone was the latest and greatest technology. Since then, it has been trampled by smartphones and other basic phones. But what if the flip phone still holds a place in your pocket? You might not want to give up the features of your smartphone, but still want that wonderful form factor found in a flip phone. Samsung has the answer for you.

Last year, Samsung released a Snapdragon 400 powered flip phone which aside from being an interesting form factor, was a low powered and unimpressive device. Fast forward to 2014 though and we are now seeing leaks of what could be a Samsung flip phone powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor. Leaks show that the upcoming device has a model number of SM-G9098 and is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU (which sounds an awful lot like the Snapdragon 800), has Android 4.3 on board, and dual 3.67 inch displays.

The device is quite obviously heading to China Mobile’s 3G network, but could it ever see a release internationally? The question remains though, would it sell anywhere else?

Via: Android Headlines

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