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Shovel Knight Has Been Delayed

Shovel Knight Has Been Delayed

On Wednesday, Yacht Club Games posted an update on their Shovel Knight Kickstarter page, stating that the game will be slightly delayed. There is no new release date as of now, but the game “will be missing the March 31st deadline by a few weeks in order to make sure it’s a world class experience, and can release on all platforms simultaneously”.

According to the developers, the major development of Shovel Knight is finishing up, with the extra breathing room the delay provides to be used for fine-tuning and external factors like submission preparation. Another release date will be announced when “ it’s 100% locked in with both Nintendo and Steam”, so it remains a little longer waiting period for backers and fans alike. To help ease the pain a little bit, Yacht Club shared some new screenshots of the game showing off one of the possibly multiple towns.

Even with the delay, it is much better to wait for a polished game to release than to have a buggy game now. We have already covered the upcoming release of Shovel Knight in this month’s Into The Spotlight article, so we won’t be mentioning it again in April’s. We will be reviewing the game after it releases, so stay tuned.


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