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Don’t you just hate when you are using your iPad with an app that isn’t optimized for it? If so then you probably aren’t a big fan of the app from Ookla.

The app is pretty popular for people whether it’s gamers, tech reviewers, or just regular people who want to know their internet speed. That is exactly why they decided to optimize it for the iPad users, featuring portrait or landscape options.

How does the SpeedTest work? Simple. Once opened the app automatically uses your relative location to find a server near you to perform the test, eliminating interference issues suppose it were from a central server. It then find exactly how fast your downloading and uploading speeds are, along with finding your ping. You have the ability to use it with both WiFi or 3G/4G to get an all-round idea of your general speeds.

The app is very clean and efficient when it comes to UI. It’s also easy to use and fast acting. With the app being appealing to the eye, I sometimes find myself using it just because I want to look at it, not because I want to know how fast my internet is.

Make sure you download the Ookla SpeedTest application and enjoy using it for your own iPad.

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