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OnePlus One To Integrate Always Listening Mode – “OK OnePlus”

OnePlus One To Integrate Always Listening Mode – “OK OnePlus”

While leaks and rumors are flying around about the bigger and more notable OEMs like HTC and LG, another small manufacturer is grabbing our attention with their first phone, the OnePlus One (no points for the name). The One will be the first true CyanogenMod phone running the software out of the box. The phone is going to have many interesting features but one that they’ve just announced is an always listening mode. 

That mode which was introduced on the Moto X, allows the user to wake and unlock their device simply by saying a phrase. The team at OnePlus was able to use the technology already found in the Snapdragon 800 chip inside the phone to power the always listening mode which will allow users to accomplish some tasks and unlock the phone just like on the Moto X. The company has already said that the functionality has been baked into their custom version of CyanogenMod.

You can head over to the company’s official forums to contribute to the conversation and also vote on which phrase will be used to unlock the phone. Right now “OK OnePlus” is winning by a tremendous amount. 

Source: OnePlus Forums


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