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iOS 7.1 Gets Rid Of Nested Folders, One Of It’s Useful Bugs

iOS 7.1 Gets Rid Of Nested Folders, One Of It’s Useful Bugs

iOS 7 has by far been the buggiest release of iOS yet which is understandable since it was a major change from previous versions. Apple recently released the first major update since then in iOS 7.1 and they fixed many of the problems in the OS including it’s performance on the aging iPhone 4 and 4S. The update unfortunately did however break functionality that many users loved and found extremely useful. Of course the jailbreak that had been available for iOS 7 was broken, but so was one very useful bug, nested folders. 

That bug allowed user to create folders within folders and was very useful in making your home screens very clean. Unfortunately Apple didn’t see the functionality that had and removed it. You can still store as many apps as you want in each folder, but you won’t be able to organize them in the same way. Either way, if you’re using the nested folders bug, you might want to hold off upgrading to iOS 7.1.


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