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Could We Finally See A Google Retail Store? – Location Rumored In NYC

Could We Finally See A Google Retail Store? – Location Rumored In NYC

We have all heard the rumors for a Google retail store showing up somewhere, but what makes this one different? This one is actually from a New York City news provider called Crain’s New York. The news resource says that the store is in Google’s plans to get started with their chain of stores to come in the future. Check out the gallery of pictures showing the rumored location of the upcoming store.

To show a little competitive spirit, Google is opened the store pretty close to an already existing Apple store. The space shown above is 4,100 sq. feet and should provide enough room to display and showcase their newest products. This store will get the ball rolling and eventually make the company grow even more than it has. It will give people an opportunity to come in and look at new products and test them out and see what they like. Not unlike Apple, the store will have many employees who know their stuff and can help if you have issues and want face time with an actual Google associate.

Best Buy already has a section solely for Google products and most of the time has a couple of Google associates on standby. But this procedure would multiply that by 10x. This will most likely expand the popularity of Google to a huge extent. Think of all the people that bought an Apple device only because they walked into an Apple retail store. 

We can all probably imagine how the store would look like. One word can describe it: Amazing. The store will probably include a modern look to drawn as many customers in as possible. Since this is Google’s first retail store, it has to have a big impression on everyone, even the people who don’t plan on walking in there.

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