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LG G3 To Be Waterproof & Dust Proof?

LG G3 To Be Waterproof & Dust Proof?

Following in the footsteps of their competitors has been LG’s strategy for a while and they’ve done a great job doing so. Their latest crop of products starting with the LG G2 have released to high praise and expectations are high for it’s successor. Sony introduced water resistant devices not too long ago, and Samsung followed their path. Now rumors are suggesting that LG will do the same thing. Obviously we are expecting the G3 to copy many of Samsung’s features baked into the Galaxy S5, the most likely of which would be a finger print scanner. Could it be that LG will make their flagship waterproof? We wouldn’t argue if they did, but we hope it would do anything to set back another aspect of the device.

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Via: Pocketnow

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